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Root Canals

About Root Canals

What is a Root Canal?

Root canals are virtually painless and very effective. Most people are able to go back to school or work the same day, although numbness from the anesthesia takes a few hours to wear off.

Once you have a root canal, you’ll notice better chewing, sensation, appearance, and protection from wear on other teeth.
A root canal consists of removing the inside of your tooth including the pulp, root and other tissue then cleaned and disinfected. Afterwards, the tooth is filled and sealed with a rubber like compound. Afterwards, the tooth gets a crown or a filling completing the root canal.

Only your dentist can say if you need a root canal or if there is another issue. if you’re experiencing pain while chewing or biting, chipped or cracked teeth, lingering sensitivity, swollen and tender gums, or decay of gums, then you’ll need to visit your dentist soon.