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Columbia's Family Dentistry

About Our Family Dentistry

Brickyard Dental Group is  a place where patients of all ages enjoy a wide range of personalized dental solutions and where we seek to provide both comfort and care. We work hard to create the ultimate stress-free and comfortable dental experience. Your health and comfort are our top priorities. 

We are staffed and equipped to provide the best of care for all ages

A family dentist can treat young children, teens, adults, and the elderly, and provide proper oral care during every stage of life. We take a warm approach with our patients and treat your family as an extension of our own.

What about teenagers and children?

Brickyard is an excellent choice for you children. Some of the most common services family dentists provide include:

  • Regular cleanings and exams – 6-month exams are critical for patients of all ages because they help catch oral issues like tooth decay and gingivitis before they become more severe. These checkups also ensure that your child’s teeth are developing properly.
  • Fluoride treatments and dental sealants – Fluoride treatments and dental sealants are both great ways to prevent tooth decay, which is especially common in children.
  • Cavity checks and fillings – Tooth decay is a common, yet completely preventable, childhood disease. Most family dentists specialize in identifying and filling cavities, and treating patients of all ages who are suffering from tooth decay.
  • Gum disease treatment – Family dentists typically offer services like periodontal maintenance and scaling and root planing to treat patients who are suffering from gum disease.
  • Kids and teenagers play hard and play sports and often need care as a result of their activivity level. We have the staff to help you navigate lifes unplanned dental needs.
  • We provide high-quality dental care in a gentle and efficient manner. 

Sports Guards & Night Guards

 Mouth guards can be divided into sports and night guards but both possess the same protective plastic that helps protect your teeth. Our mouth guards are customized to fit your teeth and can be easily cleaned. If you’re in need of a mouth guard, Brickyard Dental  can provide the perfect fit.

Dental Sealants

As part of our commitment to preventative care, we offer sealants to help protect your back teeth against decay. Sealants coat the chewing surfaces of your teeth and keep them safe from problems down the road. With this simple procedure, you can rest easy knowing that the nooks and crannies of your teeth are covered.


X-rays are a vital part of both preventative and diagnostic care. X-rays provide important information about your dental health to our dentists and help us catch issues that may become a bigger problem in the future. We also use digital x-rays, which ensure decreased radiation exposure to our patients.